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Agaricus Blazei Murill (Brazilian Mushroom)

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Agaricus Blazei Murill, also known as the Brazilian mushroom, is the number 1 health food in Japan and Brazil. Studies have confirmed its enhancement and restoration of many physiological functions through its rich content in bioactive complex polysaccharides, beta-glucan complexes and trace elements.

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Product Description

Ingredients: Agaricus Blazei Murill powder.
Contents: 90 capsules. 420mg per capsule.
Suggested Use: Take 1 or 2 capsules before or after meals, twice a day.

The Brazilian mushroom Agaricus blazei Murill (ABM) is the number 1 health food in Japan and Brazil. Studies have confirmed its enhancement and restoration of many physiological functions through its rich content in bioactive complex polysaccharides.

Agaricus blazei Murill requires unusual weather and soil conditions, making it a precious rarity. We use only the best wild, grade A Brazilian mushroom and an authentic Japanese strain (Iwade strain 101) as starting materials. They are grown with a proprietary blend of trace elements and then broken carefully to fine size using a novel cell rupturing technology that greatly enhances their assimilation into the body. Our product is highly enriched in bioactive polysaccharides, including α-D-glucan、β-D-glucan、β-(1-6)-D-glucan-protein complex, and xyloglucan-protein complex as well as trace elements not found in our normal diets.

Agaricus Blazei Murill (Brazilian Mushroom) History & General Use*

The Brazilian mushroom Agaricus blazei Murill is currently the #1 health food in Japan and Brazil. Originally found in Piedade, Brazil, studies have confirmed its ability to enhance and restore many physiological functions through its rich content of a bioactive complex of polysaccharides.

Agaricus has gained global popularity and attention for its possible health benefits. Ronald Reagan Agaricus Blazei Murrill Skin CancerThe spores of Agaricus blazei Murill were introduced to Japan in the mid-1960s and are now an integral part of Japanese culture and cuisine. Papers have since been published claiming its anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties. Anti-tumor properties were reported by The National Cancer Center Research Institute of Japan and The Japanese Pharmacological Society. In Japan, Agaricus blazei Murill has also been used to improve damaged liver function. The mushroom was further popularized by former U.S. President Ronald Regan, who consumed the mushroom as part of his treatment against skin cancer.

diabetes supplement agaricus blazei murrillRecent research suggest its ability to prevent type II diabetes by reducing insulin resistance (insulin resistance causes type II diabetes by increasing glucose levels and causes 90% of all cases of diabetes). Other research shows the mushroom to have bactericidal, anti-infection, immunomodulating, anti-carcinogenic, anti-tumor, and anti-cancer effects on mouse models. Scientists are researching the possible usage of this mushroom in cancer therapy. A clinical trial on 50 AIDS patients found positive recoveries in the immune system and decreases in AIDS symptoms. In 2000, a U.S. patent was issued for an oral drug featuring this mushroom as a method of treatment for AIDS patients.

Agaricus blazei Murill contains a plethora of minerals, including potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, and vitamins, including B1, B2, nicotinic acid, and ergosterol. CGB’s own studies have found this mushroom to be an important carrier for trace elements and minerals that are largely lacking in the diet.


We use only the best wild strains of Agaricus blazei Murill, starting with grade A Brazilian and Japanese strains. Our Agaricus blazei Murill strain is so pure, it is considered the most representative strain of this Agaricus blazei Murill species by NCBI’s global genome database GenBank. The rDNA of our mushroom culture matches wild Agaricus blazei Murill matches by over 99.3%. Other Agaricus products sold in the market have been found to be contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants. Our offerings are 100% pure, 100% mushroom and typically contain over 25 g/L of polysaccharides.

Aside from strain authenticity, the other key to cultivating any biologically active mushroom is “Geographical Authenticity”, because only natural micro-habitat conditions can give each mushroom its unique biomedical features. Our Agaricus strains are cultured in exact lighting and temperature conditions, with micro-clustered water containing nutrients and trace elements that nourishes each mushroom’s unique properties. These processes are performed in controlled environments that replicate the mountainous regions of Piedade, Brazil.

Agaricus polysaccharides supplementOur extracts are highly enriched in bioactive polysaccharides, including α-D-glucan, β-D-glucan, β-(1-6)-D-glucan-protein complex, xyloglucan-protein complex, nucleotides, and fatty acids. In addition, the mushrooms are enriched with our proprietary blend of Primordia Elements®, an important mixture of minerals and trace elements that are essential to our overall health but not found in our normal daily diet. Finally, it should be noted that our extracts are derived from both the mycelia and fruiting bodies of Agaricus blazei Murill, delivering the optimal balance of mushroom nutrients to boost vitality and health.

10 reviews for Agaricus Blazei Murill (Brazilian Mushroom)

  • S

    November 11, 2013

    5 out of 5

    So far it works for me, my family and dog.
    So I’m going to give a review of how it’s working so far. I’ve only been taking this for 1 week. I started out searching for something to help my Golden Retriever who had a surgery that was done wrong to remove a tumor. The vet cut right on the knee where my dog runs and it’s taken over a year to heal and it’s not done healing because every time he runs just a bit, it opens up again. It’s finally stopped bleeding but still is an unhealed wound. He also has tumors and is almost 12 years old. I found the regular Beta Glucan on amazon and purchase 3 different beta glucan items. It was a low dosage 100mg. I couldn’t tell if it was really doing anything. It had been 2 months. But we are a healthy family and I was really wanting to help my dog.

    To give you an idea of my health and my family health. We are 90% vegans. My son has had allergies since he was born and my daughter is
    very healthy. So we live a very healthy lifestyle. Our main issues are allergies due to living out in the country. I’m a 47 year old woman.

    So it’s been one week. My dog’s open wound is noticeably closing up. I took a picture of it to make sure I wasn’t just hoping I could see a change and will take one later to see the difference. He also has a tumor that came through the skin on his ear. It has flatten and it appears to be shrinking.
    My son’s allergies are noticeably better. My allergies are noticeably better. I would say 65 % better. That’s a lot. This sounds gross but year round I’ve always had some mucus coming from my throat at night and while I’m jogging. I’ve had none in past two days.

    I will come back after it’s been longer to give a better review. But so far, I can say there has been a noticeable difference after just one week.

  • rosy p.

    November 18, 2014

    5 out of 5

    Five Stars
    great product

  • Anonymous

    February 27, 2015

    4 out of 5

    Four Stars
    Have been eating it, but don’t feel any difference?

  • mike h

    August 4, 2015

    5 out of 5

    When you look at the cost and the claims, …
    When you look at the cost and the claims, I think it’s worth trying. Ask me again in a few years if any of us are still here.

  • Cnbushy

    September 6, 2015

    5 out of 5

    They are good!
    I’ve been using these for about 8 months. I have only gotten sick once. I’ve been exposed to the flu, pneumonia and colds – very close contact exposure. They are good!

  • Anonymous

    November 21, 2015

    4 out of 5

    While I like this product
    While I like this product, I would like more information in written english both on the bottle and on the packaging. I am using this for my 2 dogs who have cancer. One has osteo sarcoma and the other one has colon cancer. Both have had surgery to remove the cancers. The osteo sarcoma has returned and I am hopeful this product may help. I am also using AHCC for them.

  • traveling monk

    November 24, 2015

    4 out of 5

    Four Stars
    It works well. I thank you for providing this product.

  • Anonymous

    February 22, 2016

    5 out of 5

    Five Stars
    Very well done

  • Bendquilter

    October 1, 2017

    5 out of 5

    brazil mushrooms
    I hope this is the same agaricus blazei murill I used 14 years ago…It is so important to my dog’s cancer to make it right; I found all the outside of the bottle is in a foreign language with no english at all on the box.

  • Wesley E.

    November 3, 2017

    5 out of 5

    Five Stars
    Very fast checkout.

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