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The rarest ingredients packed with powerful nutrients.

Our bodies need the right trace elements, minerals, polysaccharides and proteins to perform optimally, however some of the nutrients are only found in extremely rare foods, with some near extinction. Once deemed impossible, advances in nano-technology allow the cultivation of these precious mushrooms and fungi, with each reaching maximum potency, efficacy and safety.

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Minerals & Trace Elements

Our offerings are infused with 76 specific trace elements to maximize their bio-active potency.


Patents in 4 countries

The formula and technology behind the products are patented across the world. Accept no substitute!


Published Clinical Studies

The offerings are clinically studied, with the published reviews available on (U.S. NIH database of medical journals).

Premium strains of exotic mushrooms

With nicknames like the “Elixir of Life” and “#1 Superior”, mushrooms have been documented to treat ailments for thousands of years.

Potent bioactive ingredients

Loaded with proteins, polysaccharides, amino acids, sterols, vitamins, dipeptides, trace elements and more.

Maximum absorption

We divide atoms and molecules into 1/billionth of a meter through nanotechnology.  At this size, elements and nutrients are much more absorbable.

Natural habitat cultivation

For a culture to reach its maximum potential, it must be nurtured in their natural habitat conditions.

Certified authentic

Through rDNA, genetic and chemical fingerprinting, our offerings are proven genuine by 3rd parties. cGMP HACCP certified facilities.

Why are mushrooms special?

rDNA Authenticity

Scientists use rDNA sequences and chemical fingerprinting to identify living organisms. rDNA testing shows Tonicology’s Cordyceps Sinensis to be a 99.645% match with true Tibetan Cordyceps Sinensis.

Commonly found CS-4 has been marketed as Cordyceps sinensis for years, but only matches rDNA by 82.791%. CS-4 is not even in the same genus as genuine Cordyceps Sinensis. A different genus is equivalent to representing a cat as a dog!

Tonicology Cordyceps Sinensis


CS-4, common but not true Cordyceps sinensis.


cordyceps 30 with double

Cordyceps Sinensis Premium Pure Extract

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cordyceps sinensis 60 capsules

Cordyceps Sinensis Capsules

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Innovation where it matters.

Rare yet affordable

Many of our ingredients are rare and expensive, with some nearing extinction. However, proprietary breakthroughs in biotechnology and nano-science allow us to cultivate premium strains at considerably reduced costs.

Consistently powerful

With the ability to cultivate these ingredients in controlled environments, we now solve the problem of pollution, depleted soil, acid rain and inconsistency associated with wild-grown mushrooms and herbs.

Natural & Safe

We never sacrifice integrity, as wellness must come from love. Our offerings are all natural, safe and free of harmful pesticides, heavy metals and preservatives.

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Life is hectic.
You deserve an advantage
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Life is hectic.
You deserve an advantage
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