Premium Pure Mushroom Extracts

Highly nutritious, composed of proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, nucleosides, triterpenoids, antioxidative enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.


The rarest ingredients packed with powerful nutrients.

Our bodies need the right trace elements, minerals, polysaccharides and proteins to perform well, however some of these nutrients are only found in very rare mushrooms. Once deemed impossible, modern advances in nano-technology now allow us to cultivate these mushrooms and fungi that were once bordering on extinction.

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rDNA Authenticity

15 clinical studies published health benefits organic mushroom herbal dietary supplements

Scientists use rDNA sequences and chemical fingerprinting to identify living organisms. All of our premium mushroom offerings surpass 99.3% similarity in rDNA alignment, when compared to their authenticated strains. Currently, we are the only producer of mushroom supplements around the world who has been able to achieve this level of genetic similarity in our products. The less than 1% variance is attributed to genetic diversity within any given species, much like how all humans have the same genetic code, but slightly different DNA.

Tonicology Ganoderma Lucidum Pure Extract

99.4% rDNA match

Tonicology Agaricus Blazei Murill

99.3% rDNA match

Tonicology Antrodia Cinnamomea

99.7% rDNA match

Tonicology Cordyceps Sinensis

99.6% rDNA match

CS-4, sold by other companies as Cordyceps sinensis.

82.8% rDNA match

Commonly found CS-4 has been marketed as Cordyceps sinensis for years, but only matches rDNA by 82.8%. CS-4 is not even in the same genus as Cordyceps Sinensis. A different genus is the equivalent of representing a cat as a dog!


Minerals & Trace Elements

Our offerings are infused with 76 specific trace elements to maximize their bio-active potency.


Patents in 4 countries

The formula and technology behind the products are patented across the world. Accept no substitute!


Published Clinical Studies

The offerings are clinically studied, with the published reviews available on (U.S. NIH database of medical journals).


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