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15 Published Clinical Studies

Our offerings have been clinically studied and published in medical journals and are available on (U.S. National Institute of Health).

19 Patents across 4 countries

With 19 patents across the world, our products are powerful, consistent, pure and they can’t be duplicated. Accept no substitutes!

Rare yet affordable

Many of our ingredients are rare and expensive, with some nearing extinction. However, proprietary breakthroughs in biotechnology and nano-science allow us to cultivate premium strains at considerably reduced costs.

rDNA Certified Authentic

Authenticated against the global gene database GenBank, the genetic and chemical fingerprinting of our offerings are proven genuine, matching over 99.3% similarity to each species’ rDNA standard. As a comparison, the commonly found strains of other companies showed only 82.8%.

Natural Habitat Replication

Offerings are bred in perfectly controlled climates that mimic their natural habitats, as only then can they reach their full potential, saturated with minerals, trace elements, polysaccharides and more.

Nanotechnology, the smaller the better

Nanoscience and nanotechnology involve the ability to split and control atoms and molecules. In this size, these elements are highly absorbable and in some cases, can completely change their atomic properties.

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