Propolis Liquid (Australian Honey)

The life-blood of honeybees is highly beneficial to human physiology and metabolic processes

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propolis liquid australian honey benefits side effects research

Why Choose Tonicology

propolis liquid australian honey benefits side effects research
  • Certified Natural and Safe
    100% natural offerings. Our mushrooms cultures are SGS Certified and produced in cGMP certified facilities. Our Evening Primrose Oil is QAI Certified Organic.
  • Brand Recognition
    Repeatedly named a top 3 most trusted and recognized brand by Business Today (Taiwan), CGB Corp is a globally recognized leader in health. 90+ retail locations help spread consumer awareness. CGB's research facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, South America and Eastern Europe help ensure that the newest technologies and discoveries are adapted to improve our health and the health of Mother Earth.
  • Healing from the roots
    Each tonic supplies the trace elements, polysaccharides and minerals we need to function optimally, thereby healing from the root instead of treating symptoms.
  • Modern Science Enhancing Traditional Healing
    Nanotechnology breaks down molecules to 1 Billionth of a meter. In this size, nutrients and trace elements are absorbed much more quickly by our hard-to-grow medicinal mushrooms and herbs.
  • Peace of Mind - Made in Taiwan (not China)
    Taiwan is a heavily regulated country with strict dietary supplement laws. You can be sure our products are clean and safe.

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    History of Wild Propolis*

    Propolis is derived from a resin collected by honeybees. It is rich in natural bioflavonoids. Propolis is well known to be highly beneficial to the body physiology, enhancing and re-normalizing many body functions and metabolic processes.

    We use only the cleanest material from wild forests followed by a proprietary two-phase process of extraction, which allows our propolis to reach the high concentration of 400mg per ml or 40%.

    Every step of our propolis follows the highest certified standards of hygiene and quality control. Unlike other similar products, our propolis comes completely alcohol-free. Being alcohol-free, our propolis tastes distinctly different from other similar products.

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    Safety & Side Effects

    Herbal supplements safety and quality control at Tonicology
    Our offerings are all natural and safe. We don't use chemicals, pesticides or heavy metals, EVER! CGB's state-of-the-art Agricultural and Environmental Research Center in the U.S., Europe and Asia assure cleanliness and purity. Propolis can cause allergic reactions, particularly in people who are allergic to bees or bee products.

    Avoid using propolis if you have asthma.

    Inform your licensed medical practitioner of any dietary, supplement or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.