Primordia™ Elements

76 specific nano-sized amorphous trace elements
Most of the foods that we consume today are lacking in a number of important nutrients, minerals and particularly, trace elements. This has to do with the way that food has been planted and harvested for the past several hundred years. It is already well known that the lack of these elements is responsible for many of the body, mind and health problems experienced today.

Primordia™ Elements addresses this nutritional deficit by replenishing the body with 76 specific trace elements vital to proper bodily function. All products are grown or supplemented with Primordia™ Elements.

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Size Matters
Through nano-technology, Primordia can now extract these trace elements in a size so small, they are at least 1,000 times smaller than regular complex elements. In this sub-nano size, they are more soluble and are easily absorbed by all organic life-forms. They are also highly catalytic and appear to be necessary for the function of many enzymes.

Because of their remarkable activity on the body, these elements have been termed Primordia™ Elements, since they are primordial in nature and important in initiating, regulating and promoting all aspects of biological life.

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