Authenticity - Are you getting what you think you're getting?

Many of the medicinal mushroom products sold in today's market are not the authentic or true mushroom species found in the wild. Many of these mushrooms are rare in nature, difficult to grow and extremely expensive. Therefore, many products sold today use contaminants or inauthentic mushroom species that are easier to cultivate and cheaper to maintain. The species used were initially contaminant species and were propagated without verifiable evidence to confirm their lineage or relationship to the wild species.

CGB has always deemed this unacceptable since it stands to corrupt the heritage associated with ancient remedies and natural methods of healing. Through years of strain selection, research, testing, and collaboration with experts worldwide, we have managed to obtain the true species of all the medicinal mushrooms we currently offer. Our R&D team spends countless hours cultivating and analyzing each specimen to ensure the authenticity and to guarantee that our products are safe, pure, and natural.

rDNA Sequential Alignment - Proven Genuine

All of our medicinal mushroom species have been shown to be true and authentic species through rDNA sequence alignment, today's standard in genetic analysis. All of our products surpass 99.3% similarity in rDNA sequence alignment when compared to wild-type species. The less than 1% variance is attributed to genetic diversity within any given species, much like how all humans have the same genetic code but slightly different DNA. Currently, we are the only producer of mushroom supplements around the world who has been able to achieve this level of genetic similarity in our products. For example, the common marketplace strain of Cordyceps Sinensis known as CS-4 only matches wild Cordyceps Sinensis rDNA sequence by 82.8%.

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