Men's Formula - Prostate Health

Beta-sitosterol Lycopene Virgin pumpkin seed oil Zinc, selenium, vitamins A/D3/E
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Health Benefits*

Men's Formula - Prostate Health may benefit...
  • Male urination and prostate health through natural food extracts*
  • Rich in beta-sitosterol, lycopene and more
  • Gentle extraction methods preserve biological activity

Product Info*

Our Men's Formula is the most comprehensive tonic for men. It combines the experience of ancient herbal medicine throughout the world with the latest medical sciences.

We have used natural food extracts rich in beta-sitosterol, known as the active biofunctional ingredient in all the active herbs known around the world. Our beta-sitosterol, derived from soybeans extracted by gentle natural methods, is carefully standardized for dosage, setting up a new benchmark in male physical health management.

In addition, our formulation is fortified with a comprehensive mixture of organically chelated minerals, which we call Primordia™ Elements, plus zinc, selenium, vitamins A, D3 and E in a base of cold-pressed virgin pumpkin seed oil, and containing a proprietary extract of lycopene enriched from ripe tomatoes. These trace elements, vitamins, and lycopene act as importance biological catalysts and nutrients required for men’s physical health. Our unique formulation is carefully encapsulated in soft-gels under gentle conditions to preserve maximal biological activity. As a result, our Men’s Formula is probably the most advanced male supplement and should help ensure optimal urination, with benefits apparent with continuous use. Our formulation is safe, using natural ingredients only, with no chemical additive or preservative.

Side Effects & Warnings*

Inform your licensed medical practitioner of any dietary, supplement or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions.

Ingredients & Dosage

Ingredients: Cold-pressed virgin pumpkin seed oil, soybeans & ripe tomatoes extracts, vitamin A / D3 / E, selenium, zinc, Natural Mineral Extracts.

Quantity: 90 softgels per bottle. 500mg per softgel.

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsules after meals, 3 times a day.

Safety and Quality Control

All natural and safe. No chemicals, pesticides or heavy metals, EVER!

State-of-the-art Agricultural and Environmental Research Center in the U.S.

Exceeding cGMP standards. CGB's own internal manufacturing standards are even more rigorous.