Cordyceps Sinensis

So precious and rare, it was reserved for Emperors 99.6% rDNA match to wild Cordyceps
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Health Benefits*

Cordyceps Sinensis may benefit...
  • Kidneys*
  • Cardiovascular Disease*
  • Lung & Respiratory System*
  • Energy*
  • Adjuvant therapy for cancer treatments*
  • Hepatitis*
  • Male reproductive function*

Product Info*

Over the millennia, Cordyceps has been treasured in Asia as one of the most effective natural tonics and body harmonizers. It mysteriously grows in the winter as a parasite fungus feeding off caterpillars and as grass in the summer through its emerging fruiting body, making it known as "winter worm , summer grass".

Because Cordyceps is only found in China’s Southwest highlands (3,000~5,000 meters high), it is deemed a priceless entity. Now, we have closely replicated its natural growing conditions, at low temperatures and in the presence of proprietary rare elements, and we use freezing extraction that preserves carefully all the bioactivities. This unique process gives our Cordyceps a tasteful, unmatched quality.

Clinical Trials & Research Reports**

  • Cordyceps (Hirsutella) Sinensis has anti-inflammatory properties attributed to its ability to inhibit both canonical and non-canonical inflammasomes**
    —Scientific Report, 20131

  • Polysaccharides from Cordyceps Sinensis proved to have a protective effect against chronic renal failure caused by fulgerizing kidneys.**
    —Fitoterapia, 20102

  • An increase in testosterone production after taking Cordyceps Sinensis was shown in lab results with mice. Additionally, the blood plasma cortisol, testicle alkone and fresh semen were all strengthened, as well as the endocrine and reproduction function.**
    —Life Sciences, 20013

  • The in vivo and in vitro effects of Cordyceps Sinensis indicated that CS might contribute to an alternative medicine for the treatment of some reproductive problems caused by insufficient testosterone levels in human males.**
    —Biotech Week, 20034

  • 1990 study showed Cordyceps Sinensis helped against autoimmune disorders by calming and quieting the cells of the immune system. Additionally, the study reported significant sugar lowering effects from the cordyceps test group, with improvement in 95% of the test subjects.**
    —Medicinal Mushrooms, 20025

  • A 1999 UCLA study affirmed Cordyceps Sinensis’s benefits on exercise performance. The study tested the oxygen intake of 30 elderly patients. Subjects given cordyceps sinensis increased their oxygen intake from 1.88 to 2.00 liters per minute vs no increase in the placebo group.**
    —Medicinal Mushrooms, 20026

  • 92 out of 100 patients (92%) with various respiratory diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, or cor pulmonale, reported a significant clinical improvement after using a Cordyceps Sinensis supplement for 2-12 weeks.**
    —The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 19987

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Side Effects & Warnings*

Cordyceps Sinensis is generally well-tolerated by most people.

Cordyceps has been used for helping the immune system so those with auto-immune diseases and/or taking auto-immune medication should first consult a physician.

Cordyceps sinensis is a powerful kidney supplement so do not combine Cordyceps with any prescribed kidney medications without consulting a physician first.

Do not take Cordyceps Sinensis if you're allergic to mushrooms or other types of fungus.

Prepubescent boys should not take Cordyceps sinensis. Inform your licensed medical practitioner of any dietary, supplement or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions.

Ingredients & Dosage

Ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis mycelia

Quantity: 60 capsules per bottle.  350mg per capsule.

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules before or after meals, 2 times a day.

Safety and Quality Control

All natural and safe. No chemicals, pesticides or heavy metals, EVER!

State-of-the-art Agricultural and Environmental Research Center in the U.S.

Exceeding cGMP standards. CGB's own internal manufacturing standards are even more rigorous.