Healing Philosophy

Healing Philosophy

In health, over 90% of all diseases are chronic or stem from chronic conditions. Although Western Science has done wonders to alleviate acute conditions such as infectious diseases, when it comes to chronic diseases, it typically treats the symptoms and not the roots.

Chinese Herbal Medicine attempts to heal the patient as a whole rather than just the disease symptoms and does so through the medicinal properties in herbs, fungi and bacteria.

Pros & Cons of Chinese Medicine

  • Focusing on the root causes of a disease and not just its symptoms.
  • Healing the body as a whole instead of individual parts.
  • Providing the nutrition necessary for our bodies to function at its maximum capability.
  • Medicinal herbs that have been used and documented for over 5,000 years.
  • Slower to act than prescription drugs.
  • Some herbs are rare and expensive.
  • There have been negative reports of tainted supplements imported from China. Unfortunately, these reports are true. Some companies only care about profits and care little for your health. They add lead and other toxic heavy metals to decrease costs. So now, a supplement that's supposed to help you is harming you instead.

    Tonicology has partnered with Chang Gung Biotechnology, a benevolent organization whose background includes hospitals, universities and nursing schools. It's vital you work with an organization you trust and our background can't be beat, period. Furthermore, our tonics are produced in Taiwan, a country with strict supplement laws. (learn more)

Enhancing Chinese Medicine through Modern Science

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been practiced for over 5,000 years. Many of these herbs are powerful to action, but are extremely rare and require extreme growing conditions.

Advances in nano-science and biofermentation finally permit the cultivation of these medicinal treasures. Starting with the purest genetic strains, our tonics are nourished with minerals and nutrients in controlled environments to maximize their potential.

The nutrients are broken down into a size so small, they're a billion times smaller than an atom. In this state, they're more absorbable and highly beneficial to all organic life. This breakthrough in nano-technology results in the cleanest, purest and safest tonics available today, at affordable prices to benefit the public.

About Our Tonics

Tonicology is dedicated to revitalizing your health through medicinal tonics, education and proper nutrition. Since a healthy diet is the answer to many of society's chronic ailments, we provide some of the rarest and most beneficial tonics available today. All products are free of pesticides, preservatives, artificial coloring and heavy metals.

Although many of the products on this website might be new or foreign to you, rest assured that each product is a food. They are no different from the groceries you buy at the market. However, because many of these foods are extremely rare, expensive and require extreme growing conditions, they aren't readily available.

Tonicology's partner, CGB Corp., has made incredible discoveries in the field of nanotechnology. Their advances have led to the ability to replicate herbs that are the rarest of the rare, and at affordable prices. Herbs that are only available on the black market and cost $5,000 per pound are now available for less than $1 a day.