Agaricus Blazei Murill (Brazilian Mushroom)

Bioactive polysaccharides Beta-glucan complexes Trace elements
Genetic purity: Grade-A strain 99.3% rDNA match to wild Agaricus
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Health Benefits*

Agaricus Blazei Murill (Brazilian Mushroom) may benefit...
  • Immune system*
  • Diabetes*
  • Cholesterol*
  • Stimulate NK cell activity*
  • Liver*

Product Info*

The Brazilian mushroom Agaricus blazei Murill (ABM) is the number 1 health food in Japan and Brazil. Studies have confirmed its enhancement and restoration of many physiological functions through its rich content in bioactive complex polysaccharides.

Agaricus blazei Murill requires unusual weather and soil conditions, making it a precious rarity. We use only the best wild, grade A Brazilian mushroom and an authentic Japanese strain (Iwade strain 101) as starting materials. They are grown with a proprietary blend of trace elements and then broken carefully to fine size using a novel cell rupturing technology that greatly enhances their assimilation into the body. Our product is highly enriched in bioactive polysaccharides, including α-D-glucan、β-D-glucan、β-(1-6)-D-glucan-protein complex, and xyloglucan-protein complex as well as trace elements not found in our normal diets.

Clinical Trials & Research Reports**

  • 14 studies verified that there is in vitro and in vivo research demonstrating Agaricus blazei Murrill's influence on the immune system.**
    —Journal of Medicinal Food, 20111

  • The medicinal mushroom Agaricus blazei Murrill has been shown to have beneficial effects on a range of diseases including infections, allergy/asthma, and inflammatory disorders.**
    —Advances in Pharmacological Sciences, 20112

  • Various polysaccharides, such as beta-glucans, and protein-bound polysaccharides isolated from mycelia and fruiting bodies have shown anti-tumor activity both in vitro and in tumor-bearing mice.**
    —Nutrition and Cancer, 20093

  • In controlled human trials, polysaccharide intake stimulated the immune system in the blood of healthy adults, dampened the allergic response to a respiratory inflammatory agent, and improved survival in cancer patients.**
    —Nutrition Journal, 20104

  • Agaricus blazei Murrill is saturated with Beta-glucan, a polysaccharide known to help one's immune system. Scientists believe the beta-glucan levels in Agaricus blazei are the highest within the mushroom kingdom. The beta-glucan in Agaricus blazei has a low molecular weight, making it more absorbable and particularly advantageous against tumor cells.**
    —Medicinal Mushrooms, 20025

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Side Effects & Warnings*

Agaricus Blazei Murrill seems to be safe for most people. Many people use Agaricus for its blood-sugar-lowering effects so combining it with prescribed diabetes medication should be first discussed with your physician. Monitor your blood sugar closely.

Agaricus has been used for its benefits on the liver. Do not take Agaricus if you're already taking a prescribed medication for liver disease or are scheduled for liver surgery.

Do not take Agaricus Blazei Murrill if you're allergic to mushrooms. Inform your licensed medical practitioner of any dietary, supplement or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions.

Ingredients & Dosage

Ingredients: Agaricus blazei murill mycelia

Quantity: 90 capsules per bottle. 350mg per capsule.

Suggested Use: 2-3 capsules twice a day.

Safety and Quality Control

All natural and safe. No chemicals, pesticides or heavy metals, EVER!

State-of-the-art Agricultural and Environmental Research Center in the U.S.

Exceeding cGMP standards. CGB's own internal manufacturing standards are even more rigorous.