About Tonicology, LLC.

Our Committment to Your Health

Tonicology is committed to revitalizing our health and rejuvenating our bodies through the medicinal properties in some of the world's most potent tonics. Each tonic is designed to provide the minerals, nutrients and trace elements our bodies need to perform optimally. We advocate healing through proper nutrition since that is the answer to many of society's chronic ailments.
“Let your food be thy medicine your medicine be thy food.”  -Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine, 460-359 BC.
Safety is our primary concern and is never negotiable. All tonics must be free of pesticides, preservatives, artificial coloring and heavy metals. We emphasize honesty, integrity and compassion. We find the best tonics from around the world and make them available to you and your family. Your health is always our priority.

What You Deserve

  • An improved quality of life.
    Revitalizating your body, mind and health.
  • Peace of mind.
    Safe and authentic ingredients, many of which are certified organic.
  • Superior Quality
    Processes that far exceed GMP(General Manufacturing Processing) standards.

Health - A Car Analogy

Think of yourself as a car, with your inner core and organs being the engine. If you take good care of the engine, provide regular maintenance, change the oil and add fluids, the car will run smoothly. However, if you neglect to care for the car, it will run into problems at an expedited pace.
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  -Benjamin Franklin
We've all encountered situations where our cars breakdown at the most inopportune time. Cars can be replaced but unfortunately, our bodies cannot. Hence the emphasis on wellness and preventative measures.

Exclusive Distributors for Chang Gung Biotechnology Corp.

Chang Gung Biotechnology, Corp (CGB) is a global leader in health and a pioneer in preventative medicine. Named 1 of the 3 most recognized health food brands in Taiwan by Business Today Taiwan 2010, CGB's contributions in healing have been omnipresent in Asia for half a century.

CGB's advantages include:
  • 100+ Retail Health Centers
  • 7 hospitals serving 35,000 patients daily
  • 2 medical universities & nursing schools
  • Research & Development Centers in America
  • GMP certified facilities
  • Partnerships with advanced research institutions and scientists

Product Advantages

Our tonics represent the love and care we have for humanity. As such, quality is mandatory, as that is we expect from ourselves. Our products advantages include:
  • Genetic Purity
    rDNA tests prove the genetic composition of our ingredients match their wild-grown counterparts by 99.6% while competitors only match by 82.8%.
  • Life
    Low temperature extraction methods retain each tonic's active biological activities.
  • Primordia™ Elements
    - 76 specific trace elements and nutrients
    Developed by the Primordia Institute of New Sciences and Medicine, Primordia™ Elements