The answers to the questions below are promo codes. Just enter these codes during checkout to apply the corresponding discount.

  • $10 off any order over $50
    The man who coined, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." was an American pioneer in medicine and innovation. What was his last name? (hint)

Each promo code can be used once and only 1 discount code can be used per order.


An example using our code?

"All of our medicinal mushroom species have been shown to be true and authentic species through ______ sequence alignment, today's standard in genetic analysis. (hint)

The answer to this question is rDNA. Since our coupon codes aren't case-sensitive, "rDNA", "RdnA", "RDnA" are all correct.

Where do I enter my answer?

On the second page of the checkout process, there is a space to enter promo codes.

How do I know if my answer is correct?

If your answer is correct, you will see the discount automatically applied to your order. If the answer is incorrect, you will be notified of a "Processing Error - Invalid Coupon Code."

How many times may I answer each question?

Each answer/coupon code may be used once and only 1 discount code may be used per order.